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About Us

CMS Telecom evolved from its predecessor, RCI Conference Call Services. For over a decade, RCI, a specialized telecom company, saved their clients millions of dollars on their daily audio and web-conference meetings. RCI also provided customer service that was second to none. Its loyal national customer base was the envy of the industry, so much so, that it was acquired by an international public company trading on NASDAQ.

CMS management is committed to providing the same high level of personal service and customer satisfaction that it has done for the past decade. CMS Telecom has assembled a highly experienced professional staff with many years of experience that can bring you the best solutions in this rapidly changing, high-technology world for your telephone systems, networks, computer systems and more. Our management group has many years of experience managing large scale telecom equipment and usage costs, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you. Our services include complete telecom system design, implementation, maintenance and security.

If you have any questions please email us or call at 866-973-VOIP(8647) and we will show you how to maximize and protect your current system or upgrade to new one.

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